At Jolly Jacaranda, you can get away from the stress and strains of regular life and reconnect with the natural world. We provide a wide range of spa treatments and retreat activities to meet everyone's needs, whether it's for a full week of relaxation or a weekend getaway.

Personalised Experience

We create experiences that are specifically adapted to a wide range of personal situations and objectives. We'll help you build a life-changing journey personalised to your needs, whether you need restful sleep, a detox from the hum of work emails and app notifications, life-giving nutrition advice, energising activities and exercise, weight management, or relaxing meditation for concentration and clarity.

Relax your mind and body

With a game of tennis in the afternoon, a workout in the gym, yoga, or billiards, you'll have a great time exploring the retreat's wide facilities. With an outdoor, resort-style pool and horse shed, everything is right at your fingertips.

Fill up on delicious food in the lovely dining room, then choose a good book to read and relax in front of the fireplace.

Healthy Living

We provide a variety of all-inclusive package options to assist you in living a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, and encouraging healthy ageing.

Our all-inclusive health and wellness programmes are designed to inspire change and provide you with the skills you need to achieve long-term success. Jolly Jacaranda Retreat is a place where you may refresh your mind and body while learning new skills to help you become a healthier, happier, and more driven person.


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