Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

Even a small one, organizing a wedding is a mega difficult task with a long list of issues to be solved. And in this long list, at the very top is site selection. There are so many venues, and they are so different and with so many pitfalls and tempting offers that choosing the right option can bring the newlyweds to a pre-divorce state.

One of the best venues to hold your wedding is a farmhouse. It is a serene venue that can provide an unforgettable experience to all your guests. Jolly Jacaranda is the best wedding venue in Canungra QLD for this kind of wedding experience. It is located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Canungra. Just a 20-minutes drive to the Pacific Highways at Nerang and the Gold Coast.

At Jolly Jacaranda, you will get the perfect setting to make your wedding more memorable. It has prestigious properties and facilities like a swimming pool, outdoor BBQ area, full-size tennis court, and state-of-the-art accommodation with everything you need in a 5-star hotel. If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue in Canungra QLD for the best farmhouse experience, then Jolly Jacaranda is the best option.

The Benefits of a Farmhouse Wedding Venue

>Here are the benefits you can get from this type of venue.

Convenient Logistics

The whole scenario of a multi-stage holiday can be realized in one place, without winding kilometers around the city and without hanging in traffic jams. Indeed, in addition to a beautiful room, the newlyweds get in addition a territory adjacent to the house, where interactive zones, exit registration, a buffet line, and a recreation area can be deployed.

Accommodation for Newlyweds and Their Guests

A farmhouse is an opportunity for wedding guests to spend the night in it without renting a hotel and for the newlyweds themselves to spend their wedding night in a romantic place—no need to puzzle over where to move visiting guests and other nonresident relatives.
In addition, for older guests or with children, a farmhouse venue will allow you to rest comfortably, take a nap during the day, taking a break in a series of eventful events.

Private Environment

The closed territory of a farmhouse wedding venue will give a feeling of privacy. Guests will feel alone and protected from prying eyes, and newlyweds will be able to try on the role of independent hospitable hosts.

Exit Registration

A beautiful picture is like a frame from a foreign film - an emerald lawn, guests on chairs with white bows, newlyweds under a flower arch ... All this can be afforded by a wedding in a farmhouse. And there is no need to go abroad for this, to spend money on tickets and visas.

Atmospheric Photo Session

As a rule, farmhouse venues are located in picturesque places, which opens up great opportunities for a beautiful photo session and video filming from a quadcopter to organize a "morning of the bride" and "morning of the groom."

Extended Entertainment Program

In a farmhouse with its own territory and infrastructure, a wedding outside the city can afford to arrange a barbecue, a bathhouse, billiards, outdoor games, and leisurely walks. Everyone can find something to do to their liking and interests. You will enjoy extended timeframes. You can carry on even until the morning! The main thing is not to make much noise after the stated time in the region if there are other homes in the neighborhood.

Unusual Wedding Program

Fire shows, drummers' performances, saber dance, fireworks, pigeons, butterflies, balls - all this is easier to implement in a suburban area than in a city. The main thing is to observe safety precautions and then hand over the farmhouse venue to the owners safe and sound.

Economic Benefits

The economic benefit of a wedding in this kind of venue is obvious, especially if you want a 2-day wedding, with the receipt of two venues at once - open and closed, with free parking and the ability to make an event according to your own, unique scenario.

Special Atmosphere

None of the playgrounds can compare in sincerity with their own home, comfort, and special charm. You will enjoy direct contact with Mother Nature in a venue far from the city. The kind of ambiance you enjoy from this type of wedding venue will make your special day more memorable.
To choose the right venue, you have to consider the accommodation available, size, and location. Look for a venue that can comfortably accommodate everyone who will be in attendance.
Jolly Jacarance is the best wedding venue in Canungra QLD if you are in the Australian state. You will enjoy the best farmhouse wedding experience from this venue, which has hotels with state-of-the-art features. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, bookings will be available as soon as people get fully vaccinated.


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